Renovation of " Jardin des Halles " (Paris 1er)


This proposal is submitted to REPERES, SAS by a group of Second Life Residents with Real Life interests in the provision of interesting and usable public spaces.
  • Doug Drakes, Team Chair, ( RL Doug Young) is a web designer and project co-ordinaor.
  • Fi Douglas, is a Project Manager and Building Renovations Manager
  • Jordyn Pecabel, is a school teacher with a Master Degree in Special Education and an interest in improvement in Mobility Access.
  • Sally Savard, is a farmer and scholar, who aided the team with research.
The team proposes a number of specific and general renovations to make "Jardin des Halles" a more usable and friendly space.

Entrance Gate

First - A bold new design for an entrance gate, inspired by the light pyramids over the mall. This gate would include a clock tower and would be in the shape of a small "H" for Halles. We envision this gate being constructed using a steel frame and the clad with glass block, a beautiful and durable finish.

Fountains and Water Structures

We propose several matching fountains in appropriate places again, inspired by the light pyramids. The fountains would provide a meeting place for people, with chairs and tables. In summer a misting system would provide safe environmentally friendly cooling in the area around th fountain.

We also propose a complete renovation and recoating of existing water structures and cascading pools.

Play Area

To the South of the Adventure Garden is a sandy area with some play equipment now. We propose that a wheelchair accessible play structure and splash pad be erected. Great strides have been made in the last few years in the design of modular play structures which include wider ramps and bridges to allow children requiring mobile assistance devices to participate with their able friends in play.

The splash pad is rapidly replacing the traditional wading pool as a play area of choice. Because the water is never more that a couple of centimeters deep no playground supervisor or lifeguard is required.

Adventure Garden

In the adventure garden itself, we recommend no major change in the general layout, but propose a general overhaul to make most areas mobilty accessible as is possible. This will retain all of the beloved features and make them accessible to all children.

Sun Sails

We propose the installation of "Sun Sails" for shade throughout all the Garden. This can supplement the shade from the many trees in areas used for bowls, picnics and other open area activity.

Overview Summary

The team creating this proposal created a 1/10 size model of "Jardin des Halles" in Second Life using images from Websites and from "Google Earth". All of the supporting photos were taken using the live model.

Respectfully Submitted, on Behalf of the Team.
Doug Drakes
(Doug Young) ~